[Termux] Find Out The Information On A phone Number With Its Location..[Using Termux]...!!


 Hope everyone is well. Today I will share with you how you can find out your location along with your phone number and its IP. So let's move on.

"This is not a hyper-type hacking trick. Just Simple is just a trick. Maybe not much use. Butt can still learn the trick, maybe even come in handy someday. "

The main task of today's trick is to know some of the most important things you can do with any mobile, including its IP, its current address, its address, its city, its time zone and so on.

So first you open the Tarmux app. Download it from the Play Store. Then enter the following commands: In fact, I did not give any skins of these commands. Because some of these commands are usually seen by everyone. Because there are many more posts on tarmaux on this site.

Common commands:
$ pkg update
$ pkg upgrade
$ pkg install python
$ pkg install python2
$ pkg install git

Original Part:
Now after doing all of the above correctly, you will just enter the following command. If you do not understand, take a look at the following skin shorts.

$ git clone https://github.com/sundowndev/PhoneInfoga

After you clone the git, the following commands will be correctly entered. If you do not understand, see Skin Short.

$ ls
$ cd PhoneInfoga
$ ls
$ mv config.example.py config.py
$ ls
$ python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Then you will again enter the following commands. If you do not understand, see Skin Short.

$ ls
$ python3 phoneinfoga.py -v

Then you type the following command again. Write as a skin shortcode.

$ python3 phoneinfoga.py -n +91----------------

Just change your mobile number here. Follow the Skin Short.

The diameter is nothing. Now you can see everything. You can also see a link. You can find more information about this number if you open the link.

It can be used for many purposes. How you use it is your personal matter. I shared the Just Trick