Blue Screen Of Error Code 0x80000002

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As today we are going to dive inside the world of windows 10,but the other side of windows 10,In which, it is very irritating and that is BSOD → WHICH IS BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH ERROR.

BSOD is an error screen displayed on windows computers or laptops following a fatal system error. It indicates the system crash in which the operating system has reached in a condition where it can no longer operate safely .So we all are eager to solve this error but before we get our solution we need to understand & feel why this error occurs, because if we are going to directly solve the error we did not get correct way because we are just trying to get rid of it, but we are not able to find a permanent solution. So for getting perfect solution you need to know all about errors.

Now, BSOD looks like blue screen with sad emotion & QR Code for quick troubleshoot, but remember that troubleshoot aren't effective in this error, it need to go deeper in it & how its impact. Let's see.

This thing has been launched since Windows 10 Arrived. 

There are hundred of BSOD stop code which resides in NT status a header file but as it is our first video we are focusing on some common & important stop code error

Now, Common Errors Are:







→ Today we are going to see this general category which includes error coded. Sort of error codes but first we will focus the general criteria in which the codes are residing.

At some extent you can be cautious. In following videos we are going to give you solutions about all the BSOD errors please just keep patience. We will give you tutorial but we need to clear basics. This can be solved by V.RAM. Now, this thing is about boot configuration data {I.E (BCD) its solution is for just increase boot files storage so it can't go missing so its done with BCD edit.exe in which Msconfig.exe. This is just a easy way. But this can be done also using Windows Management Instrument interface which best method programmatically to change boot option. So I'm saying that Just keep patience we will provide all solution because this need some time to go into detail. So, now error code 0x80000002 can be resolved.

Now moving further 2nd code is 0x80000003. Which is "STATUS BREAKPOINT".

Most common causes are incorrect configured system setting or irregular entries in system element. Yeah this can be resolve using some special software.

Now it occurs due to some application or system malfunctioned as it occur in different location with in the system as its difficult to pin point it. As some update installation in application or in system which have left invalid entries into your system.

Reason for this are corrupt registry in complete installation malware attack.

So, here you need to check that this error persists in safe mode. I will show you how to enter the safe mode with networking.

As if your files are corrupted you can't do normal startup but safe mode can help you out. After entering safe mode you need to find out where you have left incomplete installation or latest difference you made in your pc or in updates. So, I have install any application. So, i will run troubleshoot for this. Now, if some error will be there so this process will find it. Another thing is if malware attack occurs. So you will require to Run SFC scan to identify any malware & its system File Checker

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Now, Moving on to last stop code error which is 0xc0000005 which is Status Access Violation.

So this error occurs due to damaged or low RAM Malware infection, Corrupt registry files, Wrong hardware Configuration. Its Access Violation Error this error occurs when a program in windows attempt to access a location or data from a location that is not assigned to it 

Check RAM, Turn off the system clean RAM, Swap the RAM slots & then boot the system & also see that RAM is damage or not. You can also run memory diagnosis  test on your RAM. We will do this with help of Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.

1) Open Start Menu & type Mdsched.exe than press enter

2) Here, a pop-up will appeax on your screen, asking how you, d like to go about checking the memory. First option will restart your machine & check the next time you choose to reboot.

3) Your computer will load a screen that shows the progress of the check & number of passes it will run on memory. Watch the memory diagnostic tool for error or If there is no error, So RAM have zero Problem.

Now, if RAM is okay then fixing registry comes next. It bit Complex & can be dangerous. Any invalid or improper alteration can lead to serious system consequences.



4) Double click Load Appinit DLLS change it value from 1 to 0

5) Click OK and save 

6) Close Registry & restart

As like before check file corruption through SFC scan 

Now, After this turn off DEP or data execution prevention which protects your system from damage caused by viruses & security threats as some programs aren't comfortable with DEP in windows & cause error

1) WINDOWS+R & TYPE SYSDM.CPL hit enter.

2) Click Advanced tab & then click set button.

3) Click on data execution protection Tab & Click Tur on DEP for all Progress & services expect those select.

4) Click add button which application cause error.

5) Click OK & Restart System.