Difference Between UI /UX


Hello, one and all!! I am back with my new blog i.e. Difference between UI and UX. Firstly, For a better understanding of this concept visit my previous blog namely Introduction to UI/UX.

So, let’s start with the difference between UI and UX.

We know that UX is something that interacts with a product or service and provides an entire user experience. whereas, UI is something that consists of each element that allows the user to interact with the product or service which is designed by a UX designer. Thus, despite being used correspondently UI and UX are two different things.

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However,UX concerns about the user’s journey to solve a problem and UI concerns about how a product’s surface look and function.

Most importantly, UX and UI go hand in hand, and the design of the product interface has a huge impact on the overall user experience

Key Points:

User Interface (UI)User experience (UX)
Creates Visual DesignCreates interactive design
Decides the shape of elements, color combination in the application, etc.Decides the entire design and flow of the application
Works on different layoutsWorks on the basis of research
Executes evident part of the applicationCreates an application kind of view from the available sketches
Creates MockupCreates Wireframe and prototypes
UI is limited to digital screensUX can be a digital screen or any non-digital object
Execution starts from the final UX designExecution starts from the final sketch
Focuses on beautiful interfacesFocuses more on functions and prototype of the design
Visual design is observedHuman-centered design is observed
No need for information architectureNeeds information architecture

In conclusion, I hope you all got a brief idea about the difference between UI and UX, keep your eyes on all of the swagblogger posts. Moreover, you can ask any questions regarding any of the blogs in the below-given comment box and you can contact us via the social media platform mentioned on the about us page.

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