Connect your Android studio project to Firebase


Connect Your Android Studio Project to Firebase –

Follow the below steps to connect your Android studio project with Firebase

1. First Create your android studio project, once you did that click on the “Tools” menu and click on “Firebase“.

android to firebase connect 1

2. After clicking on Firebase it will open all the firebase packages like the below image, Now select the one you want to work with.

android to firebase connect 2

3. Now you click any one of the firebase packages like you can see in the below image I selected “Authentication“.

android to firebase connect 3

4. After clicking on “Authentication using Google Sign in” it will open the menu like the below image, now follow the steps carefully.

  1. Connect to Firebase
  2. Add the Firebase Authentication SDK to your app.

5. The first option is used to Connect your android studio project with your firebase account and the Second option is used to add SDK to your app but we will talk about a second option in the next blog.

6. To connect your Android studio project with firebase click on the first button “Connect to Firebase“.

android to firebase connect 4

7. Once you click on that option it will open your browser and automatically open firebase on your browser. Now sign in with your firebase account if you don’t have an account in firebase then create a new account.

8. After creating an account or login into an account click on Create a project button like the below image.

android to firebase connect 5

9. The image below will give you an option to change the name of the project, then click “Continue

10. After that tick all the checkboxes and click on “Create project“.

android to firebase connect 7

11. Now, It’s creating your project.

12. Once you can see a page like the below image then your project is fully set up and ready for use, click “Continue”.