Hack Any Social Media Account Using Termux : AdvPhishing

   AdvPhishing In Termux

  •  First Step To Install AdvPhishing

How To Install Advphishing Tool?

To install UserRecon in your android you need to download Termux on your phone.

Just follow us STEP-BY-STEP

Step 1: Open Termux terminal on your phone and update and ugrade the packages befor installing any other packages.

apt update && apt upgrade -y

Step 2: Open Termux terminal on your phone and install git.

type command apt install git 

Step 3: Clone the Advphishing package from github

type command: git clone https://github.com/Ignitetch/AdvPhishing.git

Step 4: Change the current directory to Advphishing directory.

type command:  cd AdvPhishing

Step 5:  Give the executable permission to start.sh file  

type command: chmod +x start.sh

Step 6: Run the bash script (start.sh)

type command: ./start.sh

It will download and install the required ngrok package, which we will help you to host your phishing websites.

If Ask Do you want to continue(y/n) please type Y

Step 7: Enter the ngrok AUTH TOKEN 

It will we be followed by /.ngrok authtoken "12hgashkhdfahAFHjndnjkshdk_Ahsjh" ( this is the sample auth code it will not work )

Step 8: To get the ngrok auth token login to the ngrok and copy the auth code

Step 9: Run the bash script (An-Advphishing)

type command: ./An-AdvPhishing

Step 10:  Enter the number from the given list to make the running desired phishing page.

Step 11:  After selecting the desired option you will get the URL, send your URL to the victim and wait for his/her login.

Once the victim logins through your phishing URL you will get the victim's IP, Username, Password, and OTP under the ++ logs++

And the best part is this once the victim enter his/her details it will redirect the victims to the original website. 


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